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History of the Redwood Steak House

June 2021 Under New Ownership
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History of the Redwood Steak House

The Redwood Steak House first opened its doors on April 22, 1958. Bill & Elda Butski built the restaurant
and operated it seasonally from Trout Season in the spring through Firearms Deer Season in the fall.
The dining room had a capacity of about 50 persons and was located directly in front of the present kitchen.

The Salad Bar & Steak Tray were introduced. Steaks were individually cut, trimmed and cooked over the charcoal
pit as they are today. Lobster Tails, whitefish, lamb and pork chops were also available. There was no printed menu at the time. As Lewiston did the Redwood Steak House.

Brothers Curt & Tommee Render began operating in the Spring of 1968. Major additions to the building and menu were about to take place. The size of the kitchen doubled in time of the spring opening of 1969. In 1970 a liquor license had been obtained, the dining room enlarged and the lower level of the present lounge had been constructed. One of the first "Fish Fry's" in Northern Michigan was introduced and resulted in record crowds on Friday nights. The menu expanded and the restaurant was now open all year. In 1975 an addition to the lounge led to entertainment featuring "Ragtime" Bob Darch who often filled the new "Saloon".

Since its opening, the Redwood Steak House has worked hard to maintain the highest of standards. We are proud of the quality of our meals and our service. Every day we prepared our own fresh salad dressings, shrimp and tartar sauces, soups & sauces. We bake our own bread, corn muffins, biscuits and more.

Our entire staff is committed to making your dining experience truly enjoyable. We are glad you came to Lewiston and the Redwood. Come back as often as you wish. Relax and join in as we enjoy life in the North Woods.

The Redwood Staff


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Updated 6/29/21