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Welcome to Lewiston!

Located in Northern Lower Michigan about 100 miles south of the Mackinaw Bridge, Lewiston was named after Lewis Jenson of the Michelson and Hanson Lumber Company. Our town was platted, mapped, and signed and sealed August 21,1891. Shortly after, buildings were erected and in August, 1892, the first lumber mill was in operation.

The population of the village grew to approximately 800 people. The mill employed about 300 men and had an annual payroll of $70,000. A steam generator in the large mill supplied electricity for the mill and eventually was extended to serve the business district in town. A central water system, including buried pipeline, hydrants and a hose house, served the village for fire protection. Lumber was stacked over the entire area between East Twin Lake and the business district. A railroad operated in Lewiston from 1892 until 1932. The lumber company had its own railroad where logs were dumped into the "hot pond".

At one time, Lewiston boasted five hotels and seven saloons which accommodated the lumberjacks who came into town on Saturday nights. It is said the mothers kept their children carefully corralled on these wild nights.

Meals were 25 cents. Lodging, supper and breakfast for one was $1.00.

In 1910 the mills closed. Houses in the area stood vacant. Many homes were moved to farms and many fell to ruin, although a few remain. Two fires, one in 1914 and another in 1916 destroyed the business district of Lewiston on both sides of the street. The town was practically a ghost town. Lewiston began developing as a resort area as early as 1913 and was well established by 1935.

Today Lewiston supports approximately 75 businesses with year-round population of about
2,500 and a summer tourist population of approximately 20,000.

We invite you to view the interesting collection of photographs dating back to the early 1900's, showing Lewiston and the surrounding areas.


Updated 8/16/18